Virginia Bottle Bill Organization

Join today so we can notify your State Elected Officials that you support a Bottle Bill for Virginia. Only with demonstrated public support will they introduce and pass a bill.

All About a Bottle Bill

Passing a Bottle Bill in Virginia would greatly reduce beverage container litter ensuring the recycling and reuse of containers while also reducing carbon emissions and the negative impact on the environment. A bottle bill that includes a return incentive and curbside recycling has been shown to reduce litter and on average ensures 80% of bottles in circulation are recycled or reused. 

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About the Virginia Bottle Bill Organization was started by three dog walkers that were fed up with litter they found on their daily walks. Our concern for the environment, frustration over Virginia’s lousy recycling rates, and the production of ever-increasing mountains of single-use plastic and trash, made us band together to fight for change. Many concerned individuals, environmental groups, and manufacturers are fighting to reduce the use of plastic, and they all support the idea of a bottle bill. Still, none had taken the lead to make it happen. We are stepping in to fill this void. This may be a long fight. The lobby groups in New York state outspent the pro-bottle bill 100 to 1, fighting it over ten years. They eventually lost, and New York now has one of the best recycling rates in the country. 

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