Myths, Facts and FAQs

Myths, Facts and FAQ’s

Here is an article on the companies that have fought against bottle bills – please read the article here.

Voluntary Recycling by Brands. 

Industry Tactics and Broken Promises. Manufacturers always say they can handle this without government intervention but have always failed to achieve meaningful results. Read the article here

Interesting article from 1980 when the Virginia Supreme Court struck down attempts at local bottle bills. Read the article here

What about unclaimed deposits?

Bottle Bills generate millions of dollars in unclaimed deposits each year. These legally are property of the State, who decides how this money is spent. Most states fund the picking up of the bottles from collection points and then fund environmental projects with the left-over money.

A national bottle bill was proposed by Tom Udall (Senator from New Mexico) with his Save our Seas 2 Act in 2020. It failed to pass.

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We encourage you to get involved and become a member here which will notify your representatives’ of your support of this important legislation.

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