Associations, Companies and Supporters of a Bottle Bill

Associations, Companies and Supporters of a Bottle Bill

Please note! If you have an organization that promotes bottle bill legislation and would like them listed here please email us at

Container Recycling Institute

The easiest way to understand Bottle Bills is to scroll through this tutorial: Container Deposit Programs: Benefits and Status Worldwide and in the U.S.A; CRI Symposium March 16, 2020.

Can Manufacturers Institute

Importance of Deposits to Aluminum Beverage Can Recycling” CRI Symposium March 16, 2020. Read the article here.

Glass Packaging Institute

According to the Glass Packaging Institute, bottle bills are among the best practices for glass recycling. Read their Glass Container Manufacturing & Recycling Overview here.

Glass Recycling Foundation

The Glass Recycling Coalition is an organization dedicated to growing end-market demand and building awareness of the benefits of glass recycling. Visit the website here.

National Association of PET Container Website

Learn more about the National Association for PET Container by visiting the organization’s website here.

Zero Waste Project

The Conservation Law Foundation launched the Zero Waste Project to address unsustainable waste management practices in New England. Learn about the latest developments and legislation here that impacts their work and achievements.


CLNYK is a private company that manages some of the redemption sites in New York and Maine. Click here to discover how the private redemption service works at the website, and learn more about how CLYNK revolutionized recycling here.

Ball Corporation

Ball Corporation, global container manufacturer, is an American company headquartered in Broomfield, Colorado. It’s best known for its early production of glass jars, lids and related products used for home canning. Visit the website here
Ball Recycling Presentation. Read the nationwide recycling rates study in the Ball 50 States of Recycling Infographic.


TOMRA, a global manufacturer of reverse vending machines, is leading the way for empty beverage container return for recycling. Watch their video on the Four Principles of High Return Deposit Systems here.

The Association of Plastic Recyclers

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR), a global trade association representing the plastics recycling industry, also supports bottle bills. Read their position statements on their website here.

Virginia Conservation Network

The Virginia Conservation Network, a group of 150+ environmental groups in Virginia, has made passing a bottle bill part of their legislative agenda. Learn more about their vision on reducing single-use plastics, litter and marine debris in our state here.

City of Alexandria

The government of the city of Alexandria, Virginia has added the passage of a bottle bill to their legislative agenda. See page 15 of their 20-year strategic plan to sustainably recover resources.

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